February 19, 2006

Volume 16 - Number 08     

Just use me– I am the Bible.
I am God's wonderful library.
I am always– and above all– The Truth.
To the weary pilgrim, I am a good strong staff.
To the one who sits in gloom, I am a glorious light
Generations follow generations– yet it lives.
Nations rise and fall– yet it lives.
Kings, dictators, presidents come and go– yet it lives.
Torn, condemned, burned– yet it lives.
Doubted, suspected, criticized– yet it lives.
Damned by atheists– yet it lives.
Exaggerated by fanatics– yet it lives.
Misconstrued and misstated– yet it lives.
Ranted and raved about– yet it lives.
Its inspiration denied– yet it lives.

Yet it lives as – a lamp to our feet, a light to our paths, a standard for childhood, a guide for youth, a comfort for the aged, food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, rest for the weary, light for the brethren, salvation for the sinner, grace for the Christian.

To know it is to love it;
To love it is to accept it;
To accept it means life eternal.

Willard L. Johnson

I like this poem about the Bible and I think you will too. I think it is a poem, although it does not have rhyme. It does emphasize the fact that the Bible lives! We all need to use the Bible by reading it. In Acts 17:11, Paul compliments the Bereans by saying, "they searched the scriptures daily." The closed bible does not do us any good.

We do not benefit from the Bible unless we believe it. We are told in Heb. 11:6 that, "without faith it is impossible to please Him." It should be easy to believe that God is the Creator, as we read the Genesis account. When we read the four Gospels, faith in Jesus Christ ought to result. Continue to read and one learns how to become a Christian and how he can faithfully live the Christian life. Indeed, the Bible demands and deserves to be read and believed!

Jesus asked in Luke 6:46, "Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" This has been called the doctrine of "do". Some prefer the doctrine of "get." However, the Bible does contain some commands. Now, facts are to be believed, but commands are to be obeyed. We can't obey facts but we can and must obey the commands. Believers are commanded to repent of their sins - Acts 3:19. Although some dislike it, there is the command to be baptized to be saved - Acts 2:38. This is God's command given by inspiration. No one should disagree with God!

The Bible also demands that we reject all other teachings. In Matthew 19:9 Jesus said, "But in vain they do worship me, Teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." Why do they? A lot of such doctrines sound good to men. They give a lot of comfort and satisfaction. Men like them and will do much to support them. But, there is one big problem with doctrines that are not in the Bible. We won't be judged by them in the Judgment Day. Jesus said, John 12:48, "He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day." We need to think so very seriously about what Jesus said!

Jesus means for us to read the Bible, believe what the Bible says, obey the commands that are in it, live by the Bible, for we are going to be judged by the Bible in the Judgment Day.

This is why we quote the Bible in our teaching and preaching. What we think or what we want does not matter. We won't be judged by what we think or what we want. What is in the Bible is what we will face in the Judgment Day!

James W. Huggins

January 13 – May 14, 2006

A dramatic exhibition of authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments, manuscripts and rare Bibles gathered from around the world to tell the story of the most printed book in history—the Bible in English.

The exhibit, known officially as Ink & Blood: Sacred Treasures of the Bible, contains authentic fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls (right), including portions of Genesis and Isaiah, and numerous Bibles including a medieval manuscript Wyclif Bible (below) from the 15th Century, the first translation of the Holy Book into English.

Some of the other rare items in- clude several 5,000-year-old pictographic clay tablets from ancient Mesopotamia, the earliest form of writing in history, and a 2,600-year-old scroll containing the oldest known Hebrew writing on papyrus in the world and the earliest known written example of the Hebrew name for God, Elohim.

The exhibit also features a working replica of Gutenberg's press, the greatest invention of the millennium, as well as on-site historians, multimedia presentations and scheduled lectures given by visiting scholars.

Florida Museum
244 Second Ave N
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701





What Do You Know - For Sure?
John 5:11-13

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