December 12, 2004

Volume 14 - Number 50      

Will Our Children Trust In The Lord? Part 2 of 3

by Jason Jackson
Christian Courier: Penpoints
Monday, October 25, 2004

Continued from last week

How to Teach These Things to Our Children

Children need time and repetition. They require love and affection. They desperately need a consistent, real example. In family life, they will learn how to view themselves by the parents’ routine actions, which speak louder than words or gifts. They will learn from those who give them the most time – peers or parents. And yes, it is about quantity time – not so-called quality time. “Quality time” is a concept formulated by parents who don’t “have enough time” for their kids – an idea invented to sooth the parental conscience. It doesn’t work, at least not for the children.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger quotes the following in her book, Stupid Things Parents Do To Mess Up Their Kids:

“‘A 1998 University of Michigan study of 2,394 families across the nation found that fewer than half of parents said they found time for an adequate number of everyday activities with their children, such as looking at books, working on homework, talking, playing games, or preparing food. . . When parents can’t find the time to hug, encourage and develop relationships with their children. . . the damage can be enormous, affecting everything from brain development to future relations with spouses or children’” (New York: HarperCollins, 2000, p. 49).

She concludes:

“Basically speaking, when parents have overwhelmed themselves with demanding jobs, divorces, love affairs, serial marriages, chaotic stepfamilies and/or single parenthood, they are often emotionally neglectful of their children. Thinking that structured activities like school, day care, or organized sports make up for one-on-one parent-child family experiences is plain wrong” (p. 49).

How can we teach our children to trust in the Lord? Parents must teach them to believe what God says. They must instruct them to bind the commandments about their neck. Parents must also communicate the benefits of following the Lord.

Children are born into families, and families need time together. Nothing replaces parent-child time. Lots of time, repetitious instruction, constant love and affection, and a consistent Christian example, result in children who will trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5-6). Successful child-rearing, according to the Bible, is not a “roll of the dice.”

This article will be concluded next week.


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This Thursday, December 12th
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Wednesday Night Bible Class for High School

Mike Weber will be teaching this new study on the topics of
“What Am I To God?” and “The Lure of Liar”


TODAY! At Bill and Shirley Brown's home. We would like to thank Bill & Shirley for opening their home to us this year for our annual holiday party.

Wedding Shower

Trevor Wheeler & Crystal LaFalce
Sunday at noon

The new work we established in Gbatimong in July continues to grow and prosper. 75 have now been baptized into Christ and attendance on Sunday mornings is now running over 200.

The local chief has released a piece of land for the church to construct a meeting place. The church will soon start making blocks and hope to start the actual construction after the first of the year. They are now in the midst of the dry season and all such work needs to be completed by April when the heavy rains begin. They are in need of $500 for river sand and cement to help them begin he project. If work progresses as planned we hope to be able to roof it and meet in it during next summer’s campaign. The building will not only be used for church services but will also be used to train church leaders throughout the area.

Bro. Niipaak Laar, has been working with us over the past several years to establish the Lord’s church this area. We are trying to help him get a motorcycle to help make it easier to follow up and assist these remote churches. Currently we have about 1/2 of the $3500 that is needed.

Daniel Stearsman, Niipaak Laar & Candy Bertini
Mobile Clinic, Gbatimong, Ghana

Gospel Meeting


January 14-16, 2005

Speaker: V. P. Black

"Someone Loves You "
1 Peter 3:12
"Restoring Our Joy "
Philippians 3:1-12

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  • Dec. 12th: Wedding Shower for Trevor Wheeler & Crystal LaFalce @ noon
  • Dec. 26th: Song Service @ 6 pm
  • Jan. 7th, 2005: Trevor & Crystal’s Wedding
  • Jan. 14-16, 2005: Gospel Meeting with V.P. Black
  • Jan. 17-20, 2005: Annual Lectureship at Florida School of Preaching in Lakeland
  • January 22, 2005: Ladies Day at Cape Coral. The Balanced Woman

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