October 12 , 2003

Volume 13 - Number 42     

AKWAABA - Bro. Nana

Barima Sarpong Kumankuma II
(Chief of Adankrono, Ghana)

It is an honor to have brother “Nana” with us from Adankrono, Ghana. Nana is the chief of the town of Adankrono which located in Ghana’s Eastern Region (E/R). Nana was converted during our 96 Ghana Campaign. Since that time he has labored hard on behalf of the church and Lord’s work in the E/R.

He has also been working to encourage change in local customs and traditions that are found to be in conflict with New Testament Christianity. He will be in our area for a month or so - reporting to various congregations that have supported our work in the E/R. He will be speaking for us later in the month.

We can all see a lot of work has been accomplished recently. Most of the block work has been done on the new foyer. In the photo below you can see bro. Delbert standing in front of one of the forms for the columns that will support the driveway portico. The next step is to pour the columns along with the tie beam for the foyer. In addition David Spade has been helping us with some of the modifications on the inside of the building.

Click Photo to see other views of the project

We are now seeing steady progress on the project and look forward to its completion. We appreciate your patience, support and encouragement There is still $57,500 in bonds that need to be sold. (Schedule below) These funds will be needed to complete the project. We ask everyone to give prayerful consideration to helping us complete this bond issue.


Our College Students - Deadline: October 19th

Scouting for Food - Deadline: November 14th

Please place food items in the collection boxes located in the foyer.

"One Receives the Prize"
1 Corinthians 9:24
"Hard Hearted"
Exodus 7 - 10

Mark Your Calendars:

  • October 14: Ladies Class 10 am. at the building.
  • October 26-29: Gospel Meeting at Orange Street church of Christ, Auburndale.
  • November 1: Christian University Day at Bell Shoals church of Christ. 9:00 am. Click link to view flyer.
  • November 8: Ladies Day at River Road church of Christ. (New Port Richey) 8:00 - 2:30. Flyer in foyer.
  • January 24: Ladies Day at Cape Coral church of Christ. Flyer in foyer.

"A Christian is the keyhole through which other folk see God."




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Closing Prayer:

 Carl Rigney


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 Mike Weber



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 Trevor Wheeler

Our Record - Last Week


Kerry Keathley
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