November 11, 2001
Volume 11, Number 45

Coming Soon ...

… a new program of outreach into our community entitled House to House / Heart to Heart. It is an 8-page bi-monthly magazine that presents the gospel of Christ in a very positive format. At present more than 750,000+ issues are being mailed with great success throughout the country.

We hope to begin an initial mailing of the magazine into our community in the very near future. (There are some sample issues on the table in the foyer.)

If you have a friend, neighbor or co-worker that lives in Charlotte or Sarasota Counties that you would like to have placed on the mailing list—please give us their name and address.

A Seminar That You Will Not Want To Miss ...

Which is the correct view of origins—evolution or creation?

Is organic evolution a "fact" of science?
Is creation a credible alternative?

What is the creationists' response to the alleged evidences for evolution? What are the scientific evidences supporting creation?

Does God exist? Is His existence provable? Is the Bible inspired by God?

If you would like to take an in-depth look at organic evolution versus creation; we invite you to attend a seminar we will be conducting on January 25-26, 2002. The seminar, titled Science & Nature: Two Votes for God, is an examination of both; organic evolution and special creation.

There is no charge whatsoever for the seminar. In addition, there will be free handout materials on the topics covered, as well as question and answer sessions after most lecture periods. Everyone is invited to attend. The speaker is Dr. Bert Thompson, former professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A & M, University. Join us as we investigate these important issues.

Tentative Schedule

Friday, January 25, 2002
at the Venice High School Auditorium
7:00 p.m. “The Creation / Evolution Controversy

Saturday, January 26, 2002
at the Venice High School Auditorium
1:00-2:30 p.m. “Creation or Evolution … Which? Part I
2:30-3:00 p.m. Question and Answer Session
3:00-3:30 p.m. Break
3:30 p.m. “Creation or Evolution … Which? Part II

Sunday, January, 27, 2002
at the Church of Christ of Venice Building
10:00 a.m. “Scientific Evidences for the Inspiration of the Bible
11:00 a.m. “The Effect of Evolution on the Home, Church and Nation

Note: Friday and Saturday Seminar sessions will be held at the Venice High School Auditorium.

More details and scheduling coming soon!

— Deacons —

Jim Treece and Merlian Marshall are being considered to serve as deacons. Jim for building maintenance and Merlian for lawn & grounds). The elders appreciate and are considering the comments and/or feedback that we have received.

the Elders

Annual Bible Reading Program

This week’s Bible readings are:

Sunday, 11th: Titus 3; Jeremiah 17-18; Psalms 127
Monday, 12th: Philemon; Jeremiah 19-20; Psalms 128
Tuesday, 13th: James 1; Jeremiah 21-22; Psalms 129
Wednesday, 14th: James 2; Jeremiah 23-24; Psalms 130
Thursday, 15th: James 3; Jeremiah 25-26; Psalms 131
Friday, 16th: James 4; Isaiah 27-28; Psalms 132
Saturday, 17th: James 5; Jeremiah 29-30; Psalms 133

“Every moment of resistance to temptation is a victory."

Directory Update

We are in the process of printing the new directory.

If you have not had your picture taken yet (or your retake) please see Ted after services Sunday for a photo op.

Walt & Jeanette Thompson - Melissa Keyso - Smith Tiller - Pansy McCord
Charlie White - Bill & Jeanne Sherman - Leslie Johnson - Viola Morinier
Virginia Law - Walt & Jeanette Thompson - Mary Kaupilla - Ernest Bowker
Naomi Morton - Betty Dougan - Stepheny Bennett

Sunday’s Lessons:

AM ... "Onward Christian Soldiers" (2 Timothy 2:3-4)
PM ...
"Returning to God" (1 Samuel 30:6-31)

Service Opportunities


Time of Services


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Bible Study:

10:00 am

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11:00 am

Bible Reading:

 Kerry Keathley  

Evening Worship:

6:00 pm


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 Ted Wheeler


Bible Study:

6:30 pm

Closing Prayer:

 Carl Rigney


Evening Services



Opening Prayer:

 Clarence Riggenbach



 Jim Treece


Our Record - Last Week


 Ted Wheeler  

Closing Prayer:

 Wayne Vowell



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  Weekly Budget:
$ 1500.00
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