June 3 , 2001
Volume 11, Number 22

I and the Lad will Go Yonder and Worship

The above heading comes from a statement made by Abraham in the long ago. You will find it recorded in Genesis 22:5. It comes in the setting of Abraham's having been commanded to take Isaac to the land of Moriah and offer him as a burnt offering. He had been traveling for three days and had now arrived at the place. It is there and then that he tells the servant to

"Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you."

One is surely impressed with the use of that word worship in the passage before us. In fact, this is the first mention of the word in the KJV. It is not the first account of man worshipping God, but is the first time the word is to be used. From it we can see some very valuable things.

We Can See The Importance Of Having A Place For Worship In Our Lives.

There was a place in the life of Abraham. He would no more think of leaving worship out of his life than he would think of leaving off the matter of eating. It occupies a very important place in the life of this man. God had told him what to do, and that makes it important. He could not think of doing less.

There Was Also The Proper Preparation For Worship.

You will note that they carried with them the fire and the wood for the burnt offering. That would mean that they are ready to worship when they arrive. They are prepared to do what they should as they should. They would be sufficiently prepared before they go.

This preparation would also involve the right frame of mind for worship. Think for a moment. They built the altar upon their arrival. Abraham knew what was going to take place. He knows that Isaac is going to be offered, and yet, he called that worship. Can you think of his mind being on something else? Can you think of him thinking only of some cattle deal? Can you think of him being concerned about what Sarah had prepared for a meal at home? There would be no way such would enter his mind. What he was doing there at the time far outweighed any other consideration.

How many times do we come into the assembly, and our minds are upon a dozen other things that have nothing to do with worship? It must mean that we are not giving due consideration to what we are doing.

There Was Great Profit From This Period Of Worship.

After the altar had been prepared, you will find Abraham taking the knife to slay Isaac. God sent an angel to stay his hand and he later offers a ram as a substitute. Surely this must have been a sober and serious moment for Abraham and Isaac. They must have come from that place with some serious thoughts.

Can you think of one of those men saying to the other, "I did not get a thing out of the worship," or "that was the dullest worship service I have ever attended?" No such thing could ever enter their minds. They had learned too much. They now know more of God, more of themselves, and more of what he means to please God. Life would surely take on a more serious tone for them as a result of their having been to worship.

What a wonderful thing if all could return as did they.

Winfred Clark

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Friday, 8th: ... Romans 13, 1 Samuel 25, Psalm 68
Saturday, 9th: ... Romans 14, 1 Samuel 26, Psalm 69

Decisions which are made in light of God's Word
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Vonette Z. Bright

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