May 28, 2000
Volume 10, Number 22

How About These Dating Rules?

Parents of grown children agree that it was hard to maintain control during the teenage dating years. More than at any other time, there may be tension between the freedom children desire and the control felt needed by the parents.

As an assignment to my Christian Home class at Harding in the fall of 1999, 1 divided 62 students into small groups and asked them to list dating rules they would give their children. To guarantee anonymity, they were told to withhold their names from the finished product. I was amazed at the similarity of their lists and at how strong they intended to be as parents.

The following were among the questions to which they were asked to respond and the answers they gave.

At what age would you permit your children to begin dating?

Sixteen was the most frequent answer for both boys and girls. One group said their children could begin dating "after their father dies"!

What are the dating rules you would give your children?

They should begin by double dating...

What do you consider be proper dating activities?

Bowling, putt-putt golf, movies, roller skating, ice skating, visiting the fair, going on picnics and other group outings, going out for coffee or for dinner (anything cheap!), sporting events, going to the mall, concerts, church activities, cooking dinner for each other, visiting the library, attending school functions, golfing, hunting (with father present), watching rented videos (with parents at home) and scavenger hunts.

What do you consider to be improper dating activities?

Parking, being in a house without supervision, camping alone as a couple, getting together for sex, secluded swimming, gang activities, wild parties or unsupervised parties, sleepovers (lock-ins with many others are OK), overnight car trips, drug use, night park activities, drinking or dancing, twisters, skinny dipping, midnight swimming parties, touchy-feely activities, naughty concerts, sneeking in or out of the house and raves (sleezy parties with dark lights, dirty dancing, alcohol, drugs, etc.).

While I doubt that many of them grew up with all of these rules, I was heartened that the coming generation gives reason for hope in the future. May God bless them, and may some of us profit by their thinking.

Carl Mitchell
CHURCH & FAMILY, Spring 2000


Joey Jenson will be graduating from Venice High School on Friday, June 2, 2000. Following graduation Joey will be moving to Minnesota to continue his education.

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