July 9, 2000
Volume 10, Number 28

The Clear View Letter

Be Thankful to the Lord!

Author Unknown

"An Ancient Voice"

He was not a Noah, Abraham, or Moses. He was not nearly as well known as Isaiah or Jeremiah. But Azariah, the son of Obed, had the Spirit of God resting upon him, and he expected to be heard.

He was so bold that he went out to speak to Asa, the king, and to the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. He demanded that all pay attention to what he was getting ready to say.

Azariah's message was clear and plain: "The Lord is with you, while ye be with him; and if ye seek him, he will be found of you; but if ye forsake him, he will forsake you" (2 Chronicles 15:2).

Colin Sedgwick says, "Do not these two sentences sum up the essence of all religion? The destiny of men and women - slaves as well as kings - is to know God, to love him, and to be loved by him. To do this is to find life and meaning. God’s desire is to be our friend and companion. He wants nothing more than to be found by us."

Ancient Israel could do many wonderful things when God was with them. They could depart from slavery in Egypt, and cross the Red Sea on dry ground. They could overcome nations and defeat giants.

But when they forsook God, God forsook them. They should have learned this important lesson when the twelve spies went into Canaan. Scared to death, the ten spies convinced the people to despise God. They refused to go into Canaan. Only when they heard they were going to die in the wilderness did they say, "Lo, we be here, and will go up unto the place which the Lord hath promised; for we have sinned" (Numbers 14:40). Moses warned them that it was too late. He said, "because ye are turned away from the Lord, the Lord will not be with you." And sure enough, the Amalekites and the Canaanites who lived in that hill country came down, and defeated them and pursued them.

God is not to be trifled with. He commands our submission and obedience, and to refuse is to court disaster.

Saying "No" to God means a non-life; a journey into meaninglessness and sorrow.

Awake Azariah, and speak to our generation! Your sermon is one we all need to hear.

John Gibson

A Special Welcome to our Visitors

Please fill out a blue visitor card so that we might have a record of your visit. If needed, there is a nursery available at the rear of the auditorium. Bible classes for all ages are available Sundays at 10:00 am and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. We hope that you will join us for these studies. Please come and worship with us again soon.

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Bible Bowl 2000 - September 9, 2000

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Building Program: If you haven’t already done so—be sure to check the bulletin board in the foyer to see the preliminary drawings from the engineers and the architect.. We will be adding 85 paved parking places and also are looking at making some architectural changes to the building. These would include closing in and widening the front porch to form a new entry into the building and building a covered driveway onto the front of the building. - click here.

Sunday Adult Bible Class: "A Visual Study of the Missionary Journeys of Paul" (10:00 am)

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"Alive & Dead" (Revelation 3:1-6)

"Equipping our Children for Life" (Jeremiah 16:11-13)


Guest Preacher at the beginning of a gospel meeting: “I’m glad to see such a dense crowd here tonight.”

Voice from the audience: “We ain’t so dense as we look!”


There is a mighty big difference between good sound reasons and reasons that sound good.

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