January 16, 2000         Volume 10, Number 03

A Tribute to our Bible Class Teachers

We deeply appreciate every one of our Bible school teachers . . . men and women who quietly labor to make each Sunday and Wednesday a great time to study the greatest of books, the Bible.

They are probably one of the most over-looked and taken-for-granted people in the church. Week after week, they give of their time and efforts freely - and for free.

Even on those Sundays when his/her class seems more bent on mischief than on learning.

And on those disappointing Sundays when nobody bothers to participate.

On balmy spring Sundays when "spring fever" transports pupils' thoughts far from the classroom.

On those frustrating Sundays when a young pupil's minor mishap becomes a major disaster, prompting a class-disrupting flood of tears.

And on weekday evenings, when he/she gives up a "night out" - or some of their very scarce free time (time, that could be spent relaxing or catching up on household chores) - preparing Sunday's lesson.

In these hurry-up days, when folks never seem to have much time to help out with much of anything, these efforts ought to be doubly appreciated. All too often, they are not! Our Bible class teachers are there 'most every Sunday, every Wednesday, quietly doing their job the best way they know how - with no fanfare, and scant praise.

So we would like to pay tribute to these unsung heroes. Your gift is the greatest of all ... a concern for others ... an unselfish desire to help... a willingness to freely give of your time and talents in the service of our God. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 9:7 that "God loves a cheerful giver." He must have a very special love for Bible class teachers.

"Ultimately we are remembered for what we give, not for what we take. My favorite motto is: ‘Try to bring a rainbow to someone’s life every day.’ What sort of legacy will we leave? What will they put on our tombstone? I want mine to read that I made a difference in somebody’s life!" Grace Kremer

Thank you, Bible class teachers, for making a difference. God bless.


Youth - News & Notes

  Youth Devotional - 5:00 pm on Saturday, January 22nd. at the Sais’ house.

  Weeki Wachee Bible Camp - June 11-17, 2000

The Sacrifice

Carol sighed as she looked at her memory verse. "Grandma, in Bible times people had to sacrifice an animal as payment for sins, didn't they'?" she asked. "Didn't they have to be placed on an altar and killed?" Grandma nodded as she looked up from her knitting. "That's right," she agreed, "but when Jesus died for our sins, he became the perfect sacrifice, and animal sacrifices were no longer needed."

"Then what does this verse mean?" asked Carol. "It says we're to present our bodies 'as living sacrifices.' How can I be a living sacrifice when a sacrifice is something that's killed? I can't do much if I'm dead."

"To be a living sacrifice means to give your all - your whole life - to God so he can use it," replied Grandma, reaching down for a piece of yarn. "Pretend this yarn is my life , she continued. "It's my love, my family, my time, my actions. Here, I give it to you." She handed one end of the yarn to Carol while she held the other end. "There, it's all yours now, right? I'm sacrificing it to you."

"Well, if it's all mine, why are you still holding on to it?" Carol asked with a giggle.

"Good point," approved Grandma. "You see, sometimes people say they give everything into God's control - that they've made their life a living sacrifice to serve him. But they leave a 'string' attached to an area like music, friends, recreation, or something else. Then," Grandma slid the string out of Carol's grasp, "they pull it back out of God's hands. That's not a sacrifice. When an Israelite took a sacrifice to the priest, he left it there."

"So being a living sacrifice means giving your whole life to God and leaving it there, without any strings to pull it back," said Carol. "That's right," agreed Grandma. "Once a sacrifice is given, there's no taking it back."

J. Boogaart

Our Sick:  

Todd Navarre

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Ernest Bowker

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Jeanette Thompson




Ladies Class: The class will resume tomorrow - January 10, 2000 - at 11 am.

Wednesday Class: Jeremiah, chapter 2. 6:30 pm.

Sunday’s Lessons:

"Qualifications of Elders, #1" (Titus 1:5-9)

"The Best Seat in the House" (Luke 14:7-11)

Lectureships ...

25th Annual Lectureship "Do You Understand Preaching?" January 17-20, 2000 

Florida School of Preaching

1807 S. Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33803 


2000 Treasure Coast Lectureship "In His Steps" February 18-20, 2000

Jupiter-Tequesta Church of Christ

11701 SE 17th Street, Tequesta, FL 33469



Note: Flyers for these meetings are posted on the bulletin board in the foyer. Be sure to pick up one of the FSOP newsletters in the foyer. Ted will be speaking on the 20th at 9 am.



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