December 17, 2000
Volume 10, Number 51

Consistency & Happiness

Sin alienates man from God, man from man, and man from nature (Genesis 3:1-24) and it also alienates man from himself (Genesis 4:1-15). We cannot be happy if we are not at peace within ourselves; and we cannot be at peace within ourselves if our actions are out of harmony with our convictions. There is no more miserable person than the one who is at odds with himself. There may be many reasons why our practice is different from our principles: Hypocrisy - Cowardice - Lack of will - Carelessness. But conflict between these two is never a good thing. There are some things that simply must be kept in harmony with our convictions if we hope to have any real happiness.

"There can be no happiness if the things we believe in
are different from the things we do."
Freya Stark


Pleasure itself is a good thing, a gift of God - but, ironically, pleasure can destroy the good life, if it is enjoyed at the expense of our principles. Like many other inherently good things, pleasure can "breed worms and stink" (Exodus 16:19-20). Pleasure ends up being what we want it to be only if it is pursued within the boundaries of our accountability to God (Ecclesiastes 11:9-10; 12:13-14). Our pleasure must be consistent with our principles.


All of us have a work to do that is our life’s work, whether it is a paid "job" or not. Work may put us at odds with our convictions in many ways: 1) The character of the work itself; 2) The people and situations involved in our work; 3) Our conduct at work; 4) Our attitude about our work. The person is a miserable person who, for whatever reason, leads a double life as one person "on the job" and another "off the job." There does not have to be a conflict between our "career" and our convictions. Joseph (Genesis 41:37-45). Daniel (Daniel 6:1-5). Godliness does not impede the progress of anyone who truly has what it takes to succeed. Our work must be consistent with our character.


The person who wishes to be godly and has as his companions those who are ungodly is destroying himself. (Cf. Proverbs 13:20). If friends who are at odds with our principles make it difficult to be happy, how much more difficult must it be if our mate does not share our convictions. On the other hand, there is no more happy person that the one whose friends share his highest convictions (e.g. Philemon 4-7; 1 John 1:3-4). Our friends must be consistent with our convictions.


We sometimes make polluted springs of ourselves by the way we talk (James 3:8-12). Ideally, the mouth confesses what the heart believes (Romans 10:9-10). It is an unhappy situation when the heart believes one thing, but what comes out of the mouth is something else (e.g. John 12:42-43). We will be no happier than Peter if our speech denies the Lord (Luke 22:54-62). Our words must be consistent with our heart.


Nothing is more loathsome to God (or unpleasant to us) than hypocritical worship. (Cf. Isaiah 1:10-15). If our worship is hypocritical, the answer is not to quit worshiping, but to repent of our sin! (Cf. Isaiah 1:16-18). Nothing is more joyous than sincere worship. (Cf. Psalms 122:1). Our worship must be consistent with our lifestyle.


Perhaps the worst kind of misery is that which comes from disobeying our conscience when our convictions tell us we ought to be obeying it. Living against conscience is the path of sorrow, e.g. King Saul. Living against conscience will destroy the conscience itself (1 Timothy 4:2).
A "good conscience" is a part of the blessedness of the gospel (1 Timothy 1:5). Our conduct must be consistent with our conscience.
There is more than one kind of hypocrite. One kind is wicked on the inside but tries to appear righteous on the outside (Mt. 23:25-28). Another kind has a basically good heart but fails to keep his actions "in sync" with his convictions (Luke 22:54-62). This is a person whose actions are bad even though his heart is good. Both types are acting "out of character" and cannot be truly happy.

True peace of mind comes from: 1) Character based on true principles; 2) Conduct consistent with character. We need to remember who we are - and be who we are! We need to do what we know to do (James 1:21-27; 4:17).

Rather than living a lie in any of the areas above, we need to be people of "integrity," i.e. wholeness. The man who has no peace in himself will hardly find it elsewhere. May we gather up our will and determine to be the people we really want to be!

Sunday Bible Study
“Attitudes Need in Congregational Work”
(Colossians 1:9-10).

A good way to judge the character of a man ...
is not by what others say about him, but what he says about others.

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